GOTTESMORDER Winter Tour 2011

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GOTTESMORDER Winter Tour 2011

07.12 @ Uwaga Squat, Zurich, Switzerland
08.12 @ L’Ecurie, Geneva, Switzerland with Rorcal + Vuyvr
09.12 @ Practiceroom, Karlsruhe, Germany with Rorcal + Horse?
10.12 @ Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt, Germany with Planks + more
11.12 @ Sga, Milan, Italy with Fuoco Fauto + Ofu

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Poster by View From The Coffin.



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VINYL are ready to be shipped!
Unfortunately, the limited version is not transparent, but solid grey.
The 12″ price is 10 euro + shipping. Trades are welcome.

You can buy it from us at
or from Gottesmorder’s online shop at BIGCARTEL.COM

You can stream the whole EP here:

Some reviews:
CVLT Nation (ENG)
Blackenedslugs (ENG)
Metalitalia (ITA)
Equivoke (ENG)

In December 2011, GOTTESMORDER will be on the road for some shows:
02.12.2011 @ ITA – TBA
03.12.2011 @ SLO/AUS – TBA
07.12.2011 @ FRA – TBA w/ RORCAL
08.12.2011 @ CH – L’Ecurie, Geneva w/ RORCAL
09.12.2011 @ GER – TBA w/ PLANKS
10.12.2011 @ GER – Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt w/ PLANKS
11.12.2011 @ ITA – TBA
16.12.2011 @ GER – TBA
17.12.2011 @ GER – TBA
Any help would be appreciated.
Write at

GOTTESMORDER 12″ EP now available to pre-order // Exclusive Track Premiere & Review on CVLT Nation

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GOTTESMORDER “Gottesmorder EP” is now available to order.
Guitars like drones, primitive drums, bestial throat. The Gottesmorder Ep aim to be the dark age sound in which contemporary human being will find frosty/obsessive atmospheres as well. The two tracks record is almost a concept, talkin’ about the deafness of nature. It boasts the collaborations of K11/Pietro Riparbelli and Lee Baughn (Ghost Empire). If you like bands like WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, ALTAR OF PLAGUES and FALL OF EFRAFA, don’t miss them!
It has been recorded at Orange Recordings Studio with Stefano ”Zven” Doretti, mixed and mastered at Locomotore Studio with Lorenzo Stecconi (Ufomammut, Lento, ZU, Dälek). The artwork has been done by the graphic/musician Mories (Gnaw Their Tougues, Aderlating, De Magia Veterum).

> 400 copies of LP black vinyl
> 100 copies of LP transparent grey vinyl

To preorder write at:

Review by CVLT Nation

“Recently I was approached by a band from Italy called Gottesmorder to do an illustration for a t shirt. They sent me a link to a song on bandcamp that was part of a compilation, and that was the only recorded material they had available. The song was cool so I agreed to work with them. Once that was in place, they sent me their finished, self-titled EP and I was blown away. Over the course of two songs and 25 minutes, Gottesmorder collide grim black metal with post rock, doom, hardcore and crust all wrapped in a shroud of smokey atmosphere. These two songs are scathing and visceral, and at other moments otherworldly and intangible. Gottesmorder have already begun to forge their own sound that should help to separate them from all the new post black metal bands.
I’m proud to exclusively premiere the second and shorter of the two tracks “Abyss Of Throats.
Like most post rock bands, Gottesmorder is a game of patience. The first track, “Winternight,” takes seven minutes, half of the songs’ whole running time to get going. But like any good post rock band, your patience is ultimately rewarded. After three minutes of chilling pipe organ, deranged guitar noises seep into the mix with subtle percussion. At 7 minutes exactly, the deep and throaty vocals kick in and bring the song to life. “Abyss” is more straightforward, but still has the same cinematic feel as “Winternight.” It builds on one riff that will get stuck in your head if it doesn’t knock it clean off first. These songs sound huge for being just a three piece. The band really knows how to manipulate genres to their advantage without coming off as trying to do too much.
At this time there is now direct link to purchase the EP. If you’d like to order one, you can e mail the band or their label(s). Since the band are from Italy, I imagine shipping might get a little pricey. Here’s hoping for a domestic release sometime this year.”


GUM “Aqua Caliente” LP OUT NOW!

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The first full length album (apart from some demos) by Tuscan stoner-sludge-doom rockers. The band originates from beautiful Florence and by nature it makes perfect soundtrack for a spaghetti western by Sergio Leone starring Lee Van Cleef and Clint Eastwood, flavored with metal riffs and punk intensity! Sound waves with might equal to sandstorm power devour the hard-boiled listener making him feel as a lonely tumbleweed with parched throat and lips covered with sun scorched sores. Sledgehammer pieces of the Agua Caliente LP as midday heat are replaced with night chill of muted guitar passages, where one can hear wind howl and echoing bullets whistles. …BANG-BANG-BANG…- “Well it’s not your lucky day, amigo!” GUM managed to embody skillfully their own unique approach to music though not violating the chosen genre specific features. With no lack of originality GUM without one’s bare word can be easily compared with “inglorious” heroes like – early, CAVITY, EYEHATEGOD, BONGZILLA and KYUSS. Yet with all these flattering comparisons music by the Florentine gang is highly all-sufficient and ingenious.

> 369 copies of LP black vinyl 150gm
> 103 copies of LP orange vinyl 150gm
> Discobag 300gm with 3mm spine
> Thick Inner sleeve 300gm with print
> All copies are sealed in plastic


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A sequel of Italian doom/sludge story, that we all’ve been waiting for. This is a début long play album from Ghost Empire after taking part in “The Stranglers” compilation released by Choking Hazard Records. This is severe monolith sound that slowly runs into each cell of your body. Uncompromisingly strong doom/sludge which’s monolith (with no lack of originality) is carried to absolute. The atmosphere of rage that is not reachable for common sense makes you remember of Fleshpress, Haarp, Corrupted. The album contents 11 minute doom/drone track released only on vinyl version of the album.

> 350 copies of 2хLP black vinyl
> 100 handnumbered copies of 2хLP solid red vinyl
> Thick cardboard 350gm gatefold with 6mm spine
> All copies are sealed in plastic